Stole with felt and woollen flowers, elastic band, 70cm longStole with felt and woollen flowers, elastic band, 70cm longRing with felt and woollen flowers, elastic band set with beads

kye felt flowers, limited edition

Sensual and gossamer-light flowers from the four seasons of the year, transformed into filigree accessories made of wool and felt. Gloves, broaches, rings and stoles. In soft pastel shades or bright tones. Each one hand-made and unique. Created by the Swiss designer Karin Wagner exclusively for kissyourenemy.

kye talents

Karin Wagner was born in Tanzania and grew up in Switzerland and Brazil. Now she has found a home for herself and her passion in Basel. A small studio where she and her employees indulge their passion for everything to do with wool and felt. In their hands this heavy natural material takes on a great lightness and embark on a fashion life of its own.

kye collection

Stoles, rings, chains (50cm), wrap bracelets (30cm), broaches (Ø7,5cm), gloves, pulse warmers, hats (accessories made of felt, wool, beads, in pastel and spring shades)