The band ring of 800 silver is a kissyourenemy basic. Pure, clear and universal. It can be worn on your finger, or around your neck as a pendant. Suitable for all outfits and all moods. Now serious, now cheerful, now spaced-out, now focussed. However you feel. This ring expresses it all.The power ring. As if formed out of clay by a child. This ring communicates a powerful message: kissyourenemy. A perfect match for street wear. And equally suitable as a special accent or counterpoint to high fashion.The signet ring gives a sign. And makes an icon of the kye logo. 800 silver. This strikingly designed piece of jewellery from the Hedy Valencise collection is aspiring and discrete. What is sealed is valid. The designer takes up this ancient custom and seals her statement “kissyourenemy” with this ring.The pendant. The circle. The basic form. Stands for completion. And symbolises the circle of life. Engraved in fine stone, in the colours of the water, the earth, its flowers, and the night, it links the infinite harmony of the circle with a message: kissyourenemy.The pendant. Color red (karneole) with white satin necklace.Pendants colors: onyx (black), rose quartz (pink), agate (yellow, green, urquoise), karneole (red), rock crystal (white) and smoke quartz (grey).The pendants for men. Goat’s leather necklaces (black, brown, dark blue) with pendants of rock crystal (white and transparent)

Hedy Valencise Collection

A clear statement. In the form of a piece of jewellery. Band rings, eternity rings and necklaces with pendants. Made of rock crystal, rose quartz, onyx and agate. Unisex. Pure, Authentic. This collection with its strong message was designed by designer Hedy Valencise exclusively for kissyourenemy.

kye talents

Hedy Valencise’s path took her from a small Styrian village via the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna to Frankfurt, New York, Los Angeles and back to the small village Markt Hartmannsdorf. In her studio, which was once a cow shed and then her father’s smithy, she creates the designs and prototypes for her jewellery collection for kissyourenemy.

kye collection

Band rings (800 silver), signet rings (800 silver), goat’s leather necklaces
with pendants of rock crystal (white), rose quartz (pink), onyx (black), agate (yellow, green, turquoise, grey), karneole (red), rock crystal (transparent) – all the pieces come in cases made of felt.

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