kissyourenemy. network for intercultural design

During our excursions around the world of fashion, we repeatedly meet producers for whom quality is everything. As a rule, these are small businesses in rather remote regions processing first-class raw materials and using traditional crafts. Although their economic circumstances vary greatly depending on their reputation and location, ultimately they are all exposed to the growing pressure of our globalised economy. In Europe as well as in the threshold countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, this results in an existential threat: Many traditional small businesses are meantime lacking raw materials, suitable markets, qualified staff and sufficient working capital.

Kissyourenemy weaves a network that provides craftspeople, artists and designers all over the world with the possibility of presenting their products to an ambitious clientele. They are supported in this by fashion professionals, designers and trend scouts who are at home on the international market. And so two worlds meet that could not be more different – and yet which belong together here and now.